LIVE in Kalmar at Cafe Söderport on Sunday 29 may and on Teater Uno in Göteborg 2 june
Is the 17;th fullenghth album in the 38 year carrier of Peter Bryngelsson and the 3rd soloalbum. 3 times nominated for a Grammy , composed for theatre and film in Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. Lectured in the area of Filmmusic in all of Europé and toured with different bands in 10 countries.
Peter´s old band Ragnarök reunited last year to record an album, Path that was very well received all over the world. The album was sponsored by a swiss IT-millionaire as well as an old time fan the dream that came true was to make the original band record again in the old studio with the original producer.
The new CD Wunderbaum was initiated by a japanese fan that then became to sick to fullfill the project and therefore Peter is producing the album on his own label that has aroused interest all over the world.
The Music is inspired by Sound-recordings of the enviroments in and around his house in the middle of the woods in the south of Sweden and is composed for a generous orchestra og guitars, contrabass, drums, harmonica, sax, Strings, banjo, slide, and the very rare instrument Hohner Claviola that is mostly known for a little appearence in the Beatle song ; Baby you´re a rich man.
The music on WUNDERBAUM gives different aspects of the experience of a tree. Violently powerful, magnificent, beautifully ornamented, lyrically poetic and tender and sweet. Both rooted in the ground and reaching for the sky.
In the spring of 2011 Peter is also composing music for two immigrant musicians and Symphony Orchestra in Jönköping in Sweden. At the same time he is composing music for two documentery Films and one musical.


Born in Vetlanda, Sweden 1955 but grew up in Kalmar. Formed the musicgroup Ragnarök together with Henrik Strindberg ( composer) and Staffan Strindberg ( architect). Ragnarök was disbanned and reformed several times under the period 1972- 1982 but during that time peter also formed The heavy rock group Kung Tung.
1983 peter formed the multi-person group Triangulus and during the nextcoming years Peter created music collaborations in projects like Guitarsis 1989 ( music for 10 guitars) and Katabasis 1992 ( music for 6 bassinstruments ), O a Soap-opera ( music for operasingers and rockband ) and Sound of glass ( music for kontrabasses and crystalglass)
During the 90:s Peter worked with the rock-folk group Urban Turban and the experimental rockgroup Astro turf as well as two solorecords.
In recent years he has lectured on Filmmusic on Universitys all over Europé, written a book about the same issue ( released 2008) and reformed Ragnarök on working with a new record ( Path 2009).