The Drone-archive

Peter has collected and produced over 200 musical sound-backgrounds that works perfect for any film or theatre play. These sounds often concists of musical landscapes in only one key without melody and rythms and are produced on a large scale of instruments.


New Soloalbum will be released in the spring. Heavy guitarmusic. The Cd will be called Wunderbaum and is going to be released both in Japan and Europé.

New specially composed musicscore for the films Gzim rewined by Knutte Wester and " We who wanted to blow up the royal ship Vasa" by Simon Moser.

Music for 20 radiostories during the spring .
Music and lyrics for the symphony piece ; My Way" for imigrant musicians Shamon Shamon and Moussa Elias together with the Jönköping Symphony Orchestra.