The Filmmusic-orchestra that plays hit-tunes from films and TV-shows from the latest 50 years and performs it on both concerts, partys and Film-Quiz

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Born in Vetlanda, Sweden 1955 but grew up in Kalmar. Formed the musicgroup Ragnarök together with Henrik Strindberg ( composer) and Staffan Strindberg ( architect). Ragnarök was disbanned and reformed several times under the period 1972- 1982 but during that time peter also formed The heavy rock group Kung Tung. And debuted as both theatre music composer and creator of filmmusic.
1983 peter formed the multi-person group Triangulus and during the nextcoming years Peter created music collaborations in a big scale with specially designed projects like Guitarsis 1989 ( music for 10 guitars) and Katabasis 1992 ( music for 6 bassinstruments ), O a Soap-opera ( music for operasingers and rockband ) and Sound of glass ( music for kontrabasses and crystalglass)
During the 90:s Peter worked with the rock-folk group Urban Turban and the experimental rockgroup Astro turf as well as two solorecords.
In recent years he has lectured on Filmmusic on Universitys all over Europé, written a book about the same issue ( released 2008) and reformed Ragnarök on working with a new record ( Path 2009).